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All you need to know in case you think of returning an item - Please read this before you purchase


RED LABEL TAILORING - Suits, Pants, Vests, Skirts. Shirts (all named as: apparel)


Kinslager is offering an individual "Bespoke" Tailoring service. Please read the article about "Bespoke Tailoring" to understand what that means.

“Bespoke tailoring is not science. It is a human craft combined with artistic elements and hence as vulnerable to flaws as any other crafts. But the reason we still exercise this craft is to give an individual masterpiece to our customers which they can’t find anywhere else.”

Kinslager is putting up a best effort to make a suit as good fitting as possible for its customers. Unfortunately, there is not one truth to fitting and that means different customers may have a different perception what is well fitted and what is not. Some body shapes will by nature not allow any perfect fit all. regardless which tailor is doing the job. Having this in mind we advise you that 3 rounds of jacket fitting are perfectly normal and not a sign of a bad workmanship. It can be even up to 5 rounds of fitting necessary. We advise our customers to be as precise as possible on order. A high value full canvass jacket tailored with a very high end fabric will have visible pulling lines when you close the jacket. While a fully fused jacket with an affordable wool mix fabric or even full polyester will more likely look like a pristine jacket without any or only little pulling lines. Keep this in mind before you order. Our promise is that we try as much as possible and reasonable. If in doubt, order the most affordable version first and only then order a higher value piece. 


As all our tailored suits are unique, we are unable to refund any amount paid after the material is ordered and we do have a strict no refund policy for all our tailored suits, shirts etc. 


On order the customer has to pay in full. Only after the full payment is received, Kinslager will start the tailoring process.

Kinslager is tailoring an individual piece for each customer, hence there is strictly a No Refund Policy. If in doubt, you may order one piece for trial first.

After Sales Service in any KINSLAGER store.

Express Service is on best effort and Kinslager does not give any guarantee. Customer support is required.

Fabric shown as sample is subject to availability. Kinslager always strives to have the exact same fabric quality and colour available but does not give any guarantee here. Kinslager does also not guarantee that any later reorder will be available with the exact same fabric material and/or colour as delivered originally.

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