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Red Label Tailored to Fit


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Red Label Tailored to Fit



- Tailored to Fit -



You give us the time. We give you a suit in good tailored quality, fit and price!


In a nutshell, that is what KINSLAGER RED LABEL is all about. But, how did we come across the idea of launching KINSLAGER RED LABEL - Tailored to Fit?



We at Kinslager researched the market for quite some time and saw a gap in business dressing. Particularly suits for male and female office workers, with proper fit, have a somewhat acceptable to good fabric quality and are affordable in price. Most options we investigated were either lacking an adjustable fit or the fabric quality was very bad or both, and in many cases the price was also not considered to be very affordable. Yes, of course, during ‘special’ sales, there are great offers available, but typically for odd sizes as the popular sizes have already been snatched up.


To address all the requests, a form of standardisation was necessary. Hence, we decided to only offer three colours (black, grey and dark navy blue) in the beginning to ensure volume. Then we decided to use our ‘signature cut’ for the garments which gives us the highest possible rate to readily fit our customers well. But even then we were not satisfied as we saw that still multiple adjustments were necessary to ensure an acceptable fit for most of our customers. Here we developed the adjustment opportunities which are part of the price, but we adjust free of charge only for +/- 1 inch. For the jacket, it is the chest, waist, and hip, as well as the arm length. If any further adjustments are needed, we plan to offer a special but chargeable adjustment service to our customers in the near future. Even when our customers take advantage of this extra service, our price will still be reasonable. 



How does it work at KINSLAGER RED LABEL?


Very simple. You put on the jacket closest to your size and we will have a join look at you. If all already fits well, perfect, you can purchase the suit and bring it home right away. If you need adjustments, then we will tailor the respective adjustments in the next couple days. Kinslager’s staff will advise you on the actual waiting time for your garments. Then you can pick up the suit at the same outlet purchased or you can opt to have them couriered straight to you (subject to prevailing courier rates).


Do you need the suit faster? Typically, we will try to accommodate and offer anything from an 'On-The-Spot' service to a 24-Hour service, a 3 day and 5 day service, subject to a surcharge and availability. Our store staff will be able to advise you in details.



Will we be having the same fabric available at all times?


We will try to re-order the same material whenever possible, but we cannot guarantee that the next charge of fabric is exactly the same black as you purchased 2 months ago. It might be slightly darker or even lighter than your previously purchased material. Hence, if you intend to purchase a second pants to match your suit jacket, you best do it right away to avoid any disappointment.



Do the ladies have to choose a pants only or are skirts available as well?


The ladies are privileged at KINSLAGER RED LABEL, they have an option to choose between a ladies pants, long skirt or business skirt (knee length). No extra charges and of course, you can mix and match according to your personal preferences.



Can I just buy one single jacket or a single pants, or do I have to purchase a full suit?


You can pick and choose. Do ask for our special discount if you want to purchase more than three pants or skirts. The whole process will simply amaze you.



Will KINSLAGER RED LABEL bring in other related items, like shirts/blouses, or cotton business casual pants?


Yes, we are preparing to launch our KINSLAGER RED LABEL shirt/blouse range as well as 'dockers-style' cotton pants for business casual in the near future. 



Will KINSLAGER RED LABEL offer more variations?


We intend to keep the black, dark navy blue and grey as 'long runners', but other than that, we plan to offer at least on a monthly basis, additional variations which are more fashionable and outstanding.



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