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All you need to know in case you think of returning an item - Please read this before you purchase


RED LABEL TAILORING - Suits, Pants, Vests, Skirts. Shirts (all named as: apparel)


Kinslager RED LABEL TAILORING brings the best of the world of tailoring to its customers, while still targeting a very competitive price. You shall get a better fit comparable to buying off the rack, just with more design choices. To achieve this, we had to create some rules, which have to be adhered to closely. You can find these rules further down here. Only when a customer signs the Terms and Conditions here the best price condition under

RED LABEL TAILORING will be appicable. Here our rules:

To start the process, the customers choses his/her fabric and gets measured. After this, the customer is discussing the design details with the tailor/ sales person in charge and signs of the design sheet. In RED LABEL TAILORING we do support a standard design only, which is included in the price. Extras e.g. as hand stitching, working buttons, extra pockets different lining, name embroidery etc are available but chargeable. This offer is for a single breasted suit only. Please get advise before the purchase and ensure you understand the full cost before you order. In any case, all cost has etc be transparent and discussed upfront. There are no hidden cost as long as you stick with our strict One Fitting Policy only.

We will do only one fitting with our customers. This fitting will happen right in store. You will get a fitting apparel were you set the final adjustments as length and tightness. All these adjustments shall be recorded in writing and the customer shall sign them off to confirm them. Kinslager will now finish the apparel and will hand over the final result. If the customer wants further adjustments after this point, it is chargeable based upon the prevailing alteration price list.

If you are a very detailed and dedicated customer, RED LABEL TAILORING is may not for you. You may choose BLUE or BLACK  LABEL TAILORING as this gives you multiple fittings and more inclusive design options.

From chest size 45 inches onwards, Kinslager is charging an “Oversize Charge”. This shall be mentioned in the sign off sheet.

On order the customer has to pay in full. Only after the full payment is received, Kinslager will start the tailoring process.

Kinslager is tailoring an individual piece for each customer, hence there is strictly a No Refund Policy. If in doubt, you may order one piece for trial first.

After Sales Service in any KINSLAGER store.

Express Service is on best effort and Kinslager does not give any guarantee. Customer support is required.

Fabric shown as sample is subject to availability. Kinslager always strives to have the exact same fabric quality and colour available but does not give any guarantee here. Kinslager does also not guarantee that any later reorder will be available with the exact same fabric material and/or colour as delivered originally.

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