SKU: G20ZS001

Zoom Calls, Teams Calls, Skype Calls and so on. Our business world change dramatically. How many times did you sit home in your T-shirt and your shorts and the next call was close. yes, you should dress up.You know it. But you are in no mood to go through the motions for a 30min calls. 


Your solution is our Zoom Suit. You get into it at all times in easily under ons minute and out even faster and you will looking extremly professional for teh call.


To keep prices at a very low level we decided not to stock up for now but rather tailor to order. This will typically take 3-5 working days after order is confirmed. Shipment shall be ca 2 days after.


The suit can be tailor made to any size and also any other fabric or style, but this would require an extra charge. Drop us a note here for details:




Please note that shipping cost apply as well as our Terms and Conditions.



  • Return Policy

    We grant you a return opportunity of 5 days after you received the suit. Shippingcost  back is to be borne by the customer and the suit has to be in an unused condition. Money return shall be in the same way as the money was received and can take a while after we instructed the bank/service provider  to return the money. We will do our part of checking no later than 5 working days after we received the Zoom Suit back. 

  • Care Instruction

    This is a suit together with a shirt and tie and this cannot be seperated. Hence you need to carefully dry clean the suit. Never try to wash it on your own . Ideally you always wear a t-shirt underneath it and air it regularly (not with direct sun light). You may soap the collar inside once in a while carefully and dry it.

  • Sizing Information

    Find the sizing information here:



    Other sizes and styles on request. Contact us.