Zip-Up Face Mask

Zip-Up Face Mask

SKU: H20FM001

- This face mask is not a medical grade - If in doubt, get advise from a health care professional.


The Zip-Up Face Mask makes t easy to sit in a restaurant and eat and drink while still keeping your mask on. 


Shipment shall be ca 2 working days days order.


The Zip-Up Face Mask ca be tailor made to any size and design and  also any other fabric or style, but this would require an extra charge.


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  • Return Policy

    As this is a hygenic item there is no return possibe except you receive the product in a faulty condition. In this case we grant a 5 day return oportunity from the day you received the product. The product must be returned. Shipping cost is on the sender. 

  • Care Instruction

    Hand wash only. Handle with care and clean regularily.

  • Sizing Information

    Only in one standard sizing. Special sizing possible 0n request.