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Terrence Dass visits Niels Strohkirch at Kinslager

Terence Dass visited us in our Kinslager Outlet and met our CEO Niels Strohkirch. He is an amazing guy. Not only that he Emcees huge events and introduced international super stars, he is also build like an MMA fighter and he told me that he even had one MMA fight under his belt. Respect!!!

Niels Strohkirch and Terrence Dass

Terrence Dass gets measured up.
Niels Strohkirch and Terrence Dass

In deep discussion.
Niels Strohkirch and Terrence Dass

Here his more information about Terrence and his achievements:

Terrence began his broadcast career with RTM's only live English chat show, Hello on Two in 2005. He has more recently become a permanent host for the Bahasa Melayu morning talk show Selamat Pagi Malaysia, Malaysia's longest running live talk show. He has also returned to English TV with Fresh Brew featured on TV2 and myfreeview. He was on the blue carpet at the Laureus International Sports awards and spoke to a sleuth of celebrities and sporting icons including Benedict Cumberbatch, Eric Cantona, Marc Marquez, Felippe Massa and Michael Johnson. He is also the new voice for the Asian Broadcasting Union Award winning radio talkshow Face to Face which airs on

He is also an established professional emcee. He co hosted the Gala Dinner at the 27th Asean Summit and the Asean business Summit both attended by President Barrack Obama. To his credit he is the only emcee to have hosted the National Achievers Congress, an international speakers platform bringing the biggest names in motivation and finance to Asia for 12 years in a row . He has introduced the likes of Nick Vidujic, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Buzan, Les Brown, Lou Ferigno, Tony Blair, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rogers, Anthony Robbins, Joe Girard and Mark Victor Hansen. He is also the only emcee in Asia to have introduced Chris Gardner in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia during the Wealth Summit Asia 2012 & 2013, Sir Richard Branson in Singapore and Vietnam as well as Patch Adams in Kuala Lumpur at the Gathering of Great Minds 2010. Terrence also has been the preferred host for the BrandLaureate Awards and is slated to tour with the show internationally.

Terrence holds an honours law degree from the University of London. He is a new student of the life long school of fitness and well being.

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