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Pocket Square or Hanky -Should you use it? -Yes, but only in one specific way!

Picture by Kinslager

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Is a pocket square or more commonly now called a handkerchief, still up to date in today’s world? What is it all about anyway?

First things first, the handkerchief ought to be used to wipe your hands or blow your nose. In the olden days, probably most importantly it was used to cover your nose from odours coming from the streets and other people around you especially in the cities as the sewerage system only developed during the late 19th century. Till then, people just tossed their “daily business” out on the streets and simply waited for the rain to flush it away. You can only imagine the smell or rather the stench on dry summer days. Only a perfumed handkerchief would bring you through this ordeal as you walked through the city.

Today though, many people would view the use of a handkerchief as being old-fashioned and/or unhygienic and would rather prefer the use of paper tissues. I do think they have a good point.

Anyhow, the use of a pocket square as an accessory on your suit will enhance your appearance efficiently. For a small added sum of money you can make the same suit look different every day, by mixing and matching it with your shirts and neckties.

Now the question is to what extent should the square pocket match your tie? In my opinion, just a little, not too much. If you were to wear a striped bluish necktie, a strong blue square pocket matching one of the colours of your necktie would do well. One important thing here is: Do stay away from sets sold mostly at departmental stores where your pocket square is of the same designed fabric as your necktie. This may look like you are trying too hard to make an impression.

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