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Arena TV hosts suit up for Rio 2016 Olympics -Astro Arena partners with Kinslager

Press Statement:

Kuala Lumpur, 21 July 2016 – Astro Arena and Kinslager Tailor & Boutique sealed a partnership on the sponsorship of corporate attire for Astro Arena’s hosts at the latter’s boutique in Nu Sentral today in preparation for Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The partnership entails German tailoring specialist Kinslager supplying exclusive corporate attire designed according to the physical attributes of Astro Arena’s 20 sports hosts. With this, the hosts will be sporting a fresh and dynamic image in time for the world’s greatest multi-sports event that will run from 3 until 21 August, 2016.

Apart from sponsoring the attire, which will include blazers, jackets and skirts among others, Kinslager will also provide image consultancy services to the hosts, as part of Arena’s talent development programme, to raise the level of professionalism in sports broadcasting during the two-year partnership. And beyond Rio, Arena’s host will continue to don Kinslager apparel during regular programmes, including during their coverage of the SEA Games to be held in Kuala Lumpur next year.

Astro’s Vice President of Sports Business, Lee Choong Khay hailed it as a positive development, and commended Kinslager, a corporate company, for sponsoring the attire for Astro Arena’s hosts. He also said that the tie-up is testimony that the sports broadcasting industry has high commercial value and that the partnership is timely with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games just around the corner.

“We have always been open to cooperating with the corporate sector to elevate the broadcasting standard of local sports. We trust this partnership will help raise the profile of our hosts and give them a boost to deliver an even higher level of professionalism. The concept of providing image consultancy services is an added plus as it will help our hosts communicate more effectively and inspire confidence on air.”

Meanwhile, Kinslager founder and chief executive Niels Strohkirch said the collaboration with Astro Arena began with Kinslager suiting up the broadcaster’s hosts for the 28th SEA Games in Singapore last year and added that he was pleased to seal the partnership with a 2-year deal.

"We are proud of this partnership given that Astro Arena is a reputable brand name in the sports broadcasting industry and plays an important role in raising the standards of local sports as well as Malaysian sports personalities.”

“Fashion and sports never used to mix, but now, they are fused together, and many world class athletes are seen to place high importance on looking good in the latest fashion when they are in sports action, which has resulted in them garnering even bigger fan bases. These developments in the world of sports sparked the collaboration between us and Astro Arena, and we hope to carve a name for ourselves among sports personalities in Malaysia.”

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