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The special design and constructed cushion is one of a kind... It allows your belly to sit comfortably in it. After years of research and development our "Pao-Pao" is born. It's many usage makes it unique above all other cushions. Ideal for cuddling and perfect as a back support in times of need. Excellent for pregnant women and also for those who have a little bit of extra belly ;-) A great lounging & travelling companion. Check out our football edition. Ideal for gifting to loved ones! Available in 3 sizes.

 Special design structure. Hand wash only. Do not tumble and do no bleach. Do not fold.

S - Size : 11 inches in diameter

M- Size: 14 inches in diameter

L- Size 17 inches in diameter

 Your kids will love it as well. Try it out! Order today... :-)

 Trademark and Patenting in process.

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Pao-Pao Cushion

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