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Loro Piana | Bespoke Tailoring | Custom Tailoring | In the Heart of Kuala Lumpur Sentral | Malaysia

- Loro Piana Custom Tailored Suits, probably the best fabric choice for a tailored suit, experience it in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with Kinslager -


If you talk about luxury fabrics and bespoke or custom tailoring, Loro Piana is definitely one of the brands you have to look for. We have all of the following fabric further down available for you in our outlets at NU Sentral Mall, Kuala Lumpur  and Atria Shopping Gallery, Petaling Jaya:


Loro Piana Logo




Getting to know the Loro Piana brand. - The Loro Piana Family


Before we proceed let's ask ourselves a few questions.

When we choose clothes are we driven by fashion trends, practicality or are we simply impulsive shoppers motivated by sales or simply just prudent shoppers?


Many a time, fashion trends do not portray quality and are merely short lived.


However to those who can spare more and are unwilling to compromise where it concerns quality and elegance, brand names such as Loro Piana is definitely high up on their list.


As clearly seen from the many articles written about this brand the pursuit of quality seems to be their mission statement. Family integrity and an uncompromised quest for quality are intertwined and are synonymous to the Loro Piana name.


The Loro Piana empire has its roots deeply grafted in strong family commitment, mutual respect and a firm belief in an undivided dedication to offer their customers only the best.


This has been their main source of strength that has enabled the Loro Piana name to weather through the test of time, and being six generations strong, have breezed through even the storms of economic uncertainties.


The Loro Piana family were textile merchants trading wool fabrics in Trivero, Italy in the mid 19th century. The founder Pietro Loro Piana established the tradition of pursuing supreme quality and passed the torch to his nephew Franco Loro Piana. In continuing this pursuit of excellence Franco began establishing the Loro Piana's name internationally. Today his sons Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana continue to fan the flame of success that not only make Loro Piana an unmatchable name when it comes to quality hence preserving the family uncompromised passion with integrity.


They have travelled the world in search only the best materials from the finest wool to other quality materials such as baby Cashmere, chinchilla and even baby camel hair.


Loro Piana combines undisputed traditional craftsmanship with modern technology and that results in the production of excellent products that are a benchmark of quality for discerning customers.


Loro Piana products and designs are timeless in that are never created to last only for a period and do not evolve around the ever changing world of fashion. Their ' evergreen ' effect has, over the centuries proven that good things are made to last. Loro Piana strives to put forward elegance in all their creations and this in itself sets them apart from all competitors.


To date Loro Piana has 132 stores in major cities like Europe, North America and Asia. They have worn many awards for being manufactures of the world's finest fabrics. All Loro Piana's products are manufacture and designed exclusively in Italy.


The French luxury conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A. or better known as LVMH acknowledged the potential of this brand in 2013 and paid 2.6 billion USD for an 80% stake in the family business of Loro Piana which results in an evaluation of more than 3 times the sales volume of Loro Piana.


Having said all this, we at Kinslager assure you that should you decide on Loro Piana material and tailoring for your suiting needs, you would definitely be making the right investment as you have deemed to have chosen quality itself. So choose a quality material with a long lasting heritage and a bespoke tailor who will make it fit you like no other. That is the promise.



KINSLAGER is carrying the following Loro Piana fabrics for tailoring:





Loro Piana Travellight is designed for the tailoring needs of the gentlemen who travel the world and want to feel at ease wherever they are, the Travel Suits fabrics combine elegance and comfort. They are performing, resulting in wrinkle resiliency and their weight tends to give them year round wearability.

Loro Piana Travellight consists of wool fabrics of two quality grades. One is from 100% New Zealand Merino Wool with 230 GR/MT:


Loro Piana Travellight 100%New Zealand Merino Wool



And the Loro Piana Travellight 100% Super 130'S Wool with 240 GR/MT:


Loro Piana Bespoke Tailoring Cloth 





Specifically designed for busy modern lifestyles, the supremely practical, easy-care Travel Line fabrics combine breathability with the inytrinsic properties of the finest ram materials. Special treatments enhance performance and practicality, ensuring the fabrics retain their original look over time.


Loro Piana Mooving Travel Line

220 GR/MT - 93% Wool, 5% Silk, 2 % Lycra


Loro Piana Travel Line MOOVING


240 GR/MT - 99% Wool, 1% Lycra


Loro Piana Travel Line Wool-Lycra



240 GR/MT - 77% Wool, 11% Silk, 11% Linen, 1% Lycra



Loro Piana Wool - Sil - Linen - Lycra


 260 GR/MT - 96% Superfine Wool, 3% Silk, 1% Lycra


Loro Piana Superfine Wool - Silk - Lycra 




Loro Piana MARE 



Fesh and breathable linen and cotton and the most precious and brilliant silk take center stage in a selection of versatile fabrics designed and conceived by Loro Piana for trefinded and comfortable  summer wera. A variety of textures and weights ideal for custom tailored suits, jackets and trousers, with a color palette juxtaposing neutral and blue shades to brighter tones of great impact and personality.


190 GR/MT - 90% Super 150s Wool and 10% Silk600 - 


Loro Piana Lightest W00l 150s Silk


260-270 GR/MT 100% Silk


Loro Piana 100% Silk





240 GR/MT - 49% Wool, 30% Silk, 21% Linen


Loro Piana SUMMERTIME Wool - Silk - Linen





230 GR/MT - 65% Cotton, 29% Super 150s Wool, 6% Silk


Loro Piana TRIOLOGY Cotton - Wool - Silk


 200 GR/MT - 48% Cotton, 44% Wool, 8% Silk


Loro Piana Cotton Wool - Silk



Loro Piana LINEN & SILK


240-250 GR/MT - 60% Linen, 40% Silk


Loro Piana Linen and Silk



Loro Piana 100% Cotton


460-470 GR/MT - 100% Cotton


Loro Piana 100% Cotton



Loro Piana Linen Cotton MIx Denim Look


495 GR/MT 68% Linne, 31% Cotton, 1% Elastane


Loro Piana Linen Cotton Mix


Loro Piana 100% Cotton 


260-300 GR/MT - 100% Cotton


Loro Piana 100% Cotton2





Four Seasons combines traditional elegance with the highest degree of wearability and has been specially designed to be worn all year round anywhere in the world. FOUR SEASONS is perfect to be made into practical and comfortable suits for daywear. Ot is therefore perfect for the man who demands versatility and comfort without compromising style.


260 GR/MT - 100 % Wool Super 130s



Loro Piana Four Seasons Custom Tailoring 





Prized lots of Super 150's wool and blended with the most precious silk Summer Tasmanian is extremly lightweight yet naturally elegant and comfortable. The precious fabric combining fine batches of Super 150s wool with a silk 600 filament. Iy now comes in a new double faced version. While maintaining its silky fluid touch and unequalled lightness, this reversible fabric lends itself to pleasing two-tone plays. You must touch and feel it to believe it. It comes in 2 ranges:


90% Super 150'S Wool and 10% Silk


Loro Piana Summer Tasmanian 10% Silk Front


See the incredible other side in a "chrome" look. Ideal for ladies tailored jackes and suits and daring male tailoring Connoisseur:


Loro Piana Summer Tasmanian Back

Do you like it more traditional and not so fancy? But still light weight and elegant with a touch of luxury for your tailored suit? Try the Loro Piana Summer Tasmanian 210 GR/MT  with 85% Super 150'S Wool and 15% Silk:


Loro Piana Summer Tasmanian 210 GR/MT  with 85% Super 150'S Wool and 15% Silk





Unique. Matchless. Tasmanian. A fabric that only Loro Piana could have created for the best suits to be tailored. Now made all the more precious with the addition of the most prized fibers of Super 150's Merino wool. It i a comfortable and versatile fabric, perfect all year around and latitude. Weighing only 250 gramm per meter, it is obtained from the fine batches of Super 150's merino wool, whose average diameter does not exceed 16 microns. The wide range of patterns and solid colors offers refined solutions for every occasion.


See the 250 GR/MT 100% Super 150's Wool:


Loro Piana Tasmanian Super 150s Wool




Summer Tasmanian derives from prized lots of SUPER 150's wool whose average diameter does not exceed 16 microns, blended with the most precious silk. A filament of 600 silk, the finest in the world (one kilogram unwinds to 570 kilometers), is twisted with a yarn of SUPER 150's wool. The resulting sophisticated fabric weighs only 210 grams per meter, which ensures impeccable style even in scorching temperatures. Summer Tasmanian is extremly lighweight and versatile yetnaturally elegant and comfortable. The ideal suit material to be tailored in any hot and humid climate.





Loro Piana WISH SUPER 170's WOOL


The exceptional fineness of the raw material, precious lots of merino wool of only 15 microns, makes iot possibe to create a lightweight fabrics which is extraordinarily soft and flowing. WISH is ideal for formal suits, which can be worn year-round.


Have a look at this really extraordinary fabric with 270 GR/MT and 100% Super 170's Wool:


Loro Piana WISH Super 170s Wool 




Loro Piana JACKETS


A unique selection of fabrics for jacketing tailoring with international flair, comfortable and versatile, that best express the extraordinary qualities of the best Merion wool.They are presented in a rich array of elegant designs and sophisticated color combinations. Ideal to assemble your tailored sports jacket now.


260 GR/MT 100% Super 120's Wool


Loro Piana JACKETS 100% Super 120s Wool






This opens up a complete new world of Loro Piana Tailoring opportunities for Denim fabric.  See the extraordinary quality of Loro Piana Denim Flower with 100% Californian Cotton and a weight of 540 GR/MT. You can find extraordinary colors as well and get your individual jeans tailor made:


Loro Piana Denim 100% Californian Cotton 


Loro Piana Denim 100% Californian Cotton Colors 1 Loro Piana Denim 100% Californian Cotton Colors 2


Tailor your individula jeans or even jeans jacket.






Here the name is program. This Tweed from 100% Superafine Wool and with 320 GR/MT is ideal to keep you warm and cosy in your tailored jacket in cold nights:


Loro Piana Dream Tweed 100% Wool




Loro Piana FAVOLA



This Wool-Cashmere mix is just amazing. 290 GR/MT with a 93% Wool and 7% Cashmere mix makes every tailored jacket just a dream on its own:


Loro Piana FAVOLA Wool Cashmere Mix





This Loro Piana fabric is a real class of its own. 100% Cashmere is on the label and 100% Cashmere is in the fabric. Beautiful to touch and hold and the ideal partner for cold weather but still dressing classy and business like a gentleman. What else can you ask for in a tailored jacket:


Loro Piana 100% Cashmere Tailoring



Loro Piana EVENTS

Men's formalwear is codified by longstanding traditions that allow for the evolution of customs and personal habits. Fabric choice is critical in keeping the occasion of formal dresswhile respecting the taste and personality of the wearer. for this reason, Loro Piana has seen to it that their best fabrics embody the qualities most suited to formal wear imperatives, comfortand the varying needs of changing weather conditions. Made with the most orecious raw materials and the utmost care and attention to detail, this line includes a range of fabrics for shirts and vest that allow for mixing and matching according to personal taste, as well as an option of adding a touch of whimsy to even the most formal occasion.



Loro Piana TUXEDO 1 and 2  -Smoking - Dinner Jacket

Worn exclusively for evening after 6pm, this piece is traditionally made in black or midnight blue fabric. An ivory Dinner Jacket is worn only in teh summer, aboard a ship or in tropical climates. Formal trousers are always strictly black od midnight blue, depending on the jacket, which can be single - or double-breasted, with silk-faced peacked lapels or shawl collar. The trousers, which are never cuffed, feature thin black satin, stripe down the side of each leg.




Loro Piana TAILCOAT -Frac

Worn preferably in the evening and strictly black, the tailcoat is the mes's formal suit par excellence. The jacket is double-breasted with silk-faced peaked lapel, short in the waist and features the unmistakable "swallow tail". It is never buttoned; instead it is worn open over a typically white vest. The trousers, never cuffed, feature a double stripe down the side legs.



Loro Piana FORMAL LOUNGE SUITS 1 and 2 -Ceremonia Formale

Ideal for occasions that demand elegance without a strict code, the lounge suit lends itself to poersonal expression and individual style. Generally classic in cut, single-breasted with two or three button front or double-breasted. It may be worn with or withouit a vest.



Loro Piana CUTAWAY -Tight- Morning Suit

The cutaway is a daytime formal suit ofthe highest order. The short front jacket contains one button and has two long tails that gently descend on the calf. The traditional version is amde of separates, with a black or anthracite grey jacket, grey and black striped herringbone trousers and a light grey or cream-coloured vest.



Loro Piana VESTS

Formal waistcoat or vest can vary in shape, fabric and colour according to personal interpretation and the occasion. Generally, a waistcoat for the dinner jacket has a shawl collar, while a tailcoat and cutaway call for a more formal double-breasted vest. This classic model with six buttons and four pockets is appropriate for virtually any occasion.




Always appropiate in off white or ivory and made of the finest cotton dress fabrics,formal dress shirts traditionally feature a french spread or bat-wing collar, with or without a pleated front of pique insert. The cuffs, simple or double, are always fastened with formal cufflinks.




Loro Piana interprets the breathability and comfort typical of cotton in elegant, versatile fabrics, perfect for suits, jackets and pants. The selection typically includes summery lightweight fabrics and heavier versions, suited for the colder season.



Loro Piana Cotton Time 240 GR/MT 100% Cotton


Loro Piana 100% Cotton 240GR


Loro Piana 100% Cotton 315 GR/MT


Loro Piana 100% Cotton 315GR



Loro Piana 100% Cotton 300 GR/MT


Loro Piana 100% Cotton 460-480GR


Loro Piana Cashpima Velvet 

This is a fabric you will not forget about. 90% Cotton and 10% Cashmere mix gives it an unbelievable touch and feel:


Loro Piana Cashpima Velvet


You want to learn more about the brand Loro Piana and what they stand for? Watch this video:


What Loro Piana stands for



Loro Piana Australia and New Zealand



Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta 2017 - Day Four Highlights




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