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KINSLAGER is introducing Canclini Tailor Made Shirts in Kuala Lumpur

KINSLAGER BOUTIQUE & TAILOR is introducing CANCLINI shirt material

About Canclini

Creating together, side by side. Since 1925 main aim of our job is to make the simple daily gesture to choose a special shirt a genuine pleasure, refreshed every day.

Creativity, dedication to the product and customer service are characteristics that cannot be improvised. The story of Canclini Tessile started over 80 years ago, in 1925, when the company was set up as part of the silk industry in the Como area.

The first generational change took place in the Sixties. The outstanding experience acquired in working with a precious and luxury fibre like silk together with the tenacity and laboriously bard work that are typical of the genuine Como entrepreneurship led the family to abandon the silk sector for cotton in the Sixties. This proved to be an inspired decision since the fabrics, in the following years, began to be exported to German and French markets.
At the end of the Eighties, the offices were moved to the current location in Guanzate and the second generational change took place. The business received new impetus with the purchase of cutting edge machines and the installation of new semiautomatic warehouse.
Today, thanks to its passion for work, dynamism, constant innovation and creativity, the company is one of the leading reference brands in the sector of high quality shirting fabrics.

In the last years, thanks to the significant investments realized - devoted both to the improvement of the flexibility and the production capacity and to the constant improvement of the product and of the quality (and, therefore, to the continuous search of the customers satisfaction, declined both in the study of innovative style proposals, often exclusive, and in the realization of advances in application of new techniques and technologies) – and thanks to a quality/price trade off well known and appreciated by the most important players of the sector, the company has maintained a role of primary importance in the competitive arena and further strengthened the strong partnership with the customers, both historical and recent.

The personnel is constituted by highly specialized staff and the sales network covers the whole world, assisting businessmen who are looking for a partner that can provide a customised, high quality, flexible service and guaranteed delivery.

Canclini has reached its current position as a reference point for quality, styling, service, research and innovation in the production of Italian shirtings because its inherent passion has permitted it to achieve a dream. In a sector subject to increasingly rapid change and variations in style, Canclini has set itself certain objectives for the future. It intends to be more aware of the market and customer demands and to become recognised as a guarantor of quality and styling, with its combination of cutting edge technology and vast experience.

Why Canclini fabrics are a good choice for a high end tailor made shirt?

Over 800 variants available to customers. Canclini fabrics are made exclusively from compact single yarns and long staple twisted yarns in pure Egyptian cotton and linen, which have undergone stringent tests right from the harvesting of the raw material.

The cotton has been chosen because of its cleanness, gloss and sheen, like the rare very long staple Giza 45 cotton. Special care is dedicated to the choice of yarn is fundamental for the production of luxury, high quality fabrics with the characteristics of natural sheen, soft handle and resistance to wear.

You can see some impressions of the shirt material here.

You can buy Canclini tailor made shirts here.