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Guabello Tailor Made Fabrics -In the Heart of Kuala Lumpur Sentral


For over two centuries, since 1815, Guabello's profound relationship with its surroundings, and its history of craftsmanship, expertise, and excellence continue to be handed-down, generation after generation. We have all of the following fabric available for you in our outlets at NU Sentral Mall, Kuala Lumpur  and Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur:



Guabello Tailor Made Fabric



The Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Collection also maintains the focus on the continuous research behind new proposals, regarding both the development of high-end tailoring themes and the interpretation of the latest trends.

The art of tailoring, the masterly development of designs, colours, and light-weight fabrics, are ideally suited to elegant and yet functional wear.

The fabrics in worsted wools, Connoissèur Super 120's and the highly appreciated OneThirty Super 130's, are fashioned in a vast array of micro-pattern designs.

A large range is also offered for the OneFifty Super 150's, which produces the finest and most sophisticated EVO. These fabrics enable the popularisation of a daily urbane elegance, a concept that usually belongs exclusively to the high-end tailoring market.

Regarding this elegant and yet casual and contemporary style, Guabello offers the UpTown line for the hipster look, the luxury town look, and the motion look, all of which combine refined fabrics with the comfort of both natural and spandex stretch.

Guabello's everlasting flannel is widely offered in the collection and continues to testify to the brand's status as the most appreciated in the area of masculine elegance. 

Saxony, Cashmere, Wool and Silk, and De Luxe, are the other themes in the collection. The collection also offers Jacquard fabrics with a rich and sophisticated choice of colours and patterns, along with a wide range of jackets, both worsted and carded, fashioned in a vast array of fantasy and geometric designs, that for instance, are also ideal for blazers.

Moreover, to highlight Guabello's eco-friendly production processes, the collection offers BioTech fabrics, which are processed through a special finishing technique that uses, almost exclusively, only water in its machinery.


Guabello ONE fifty SUPER 150'S

The excellence obtained through Guabello's exclusive productive processes exalts its sophisticated technology and high-end tailoring. Numerous variations of simple elegance characterise these highly-tailored, luxurious-looking attires. Available in stock service, made from fabrics that bear the exclusive selvedge, Made-in-Italy by Guabello.



Guabello SUPER 150'S Tailor Made



Guabello ONE thirty SUPER 130'S

The impeccable style engendered by the refined colours and designs of these unique fabrics, serves to highlight the elegance and personality of the person wearing this attire. Available in stock service, made from fabrics that bear the exclusive selvedge, Made-in-Italy by Guabello.



Guabello SUPER 130'S Tailor Made



Finest wool spun and woven with the aim to obtain comfortable and impeccable fabrics. A perfect relationship between the finest raw materials and the pleasure of wearing it.  The result of the experience and tradition of Lanificio Guabello for nearly 200 years.