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Holland & Sherry Bespoke Tailoring



When looking around for an off-the-rack suit or a tailored suit, you may often see the cheap suits come with a textile label listing some kind of micro fabric or in the best case scenario mixed wool. This means that only a certain percentage of the fabric is made from wool while the rest of the fabric is from different types of polyester material. Then you have the branded and non-branded suits, throwing around Super Wool numbers such as Super Wool 150S or “Tropical Wool” etc. And to add further confusion, some fabric brand suppliers offer worsted wool. So, what are the differences among these materials and why do some cost more than others?



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6/19/2017 10:17 PM By Kinslager Team worsted, wool, 0 Comments

#Letthecustomerspeak is the latest initiative by Kinslager to showcase our customers in Kinslager tailored attire.


Let the Customer Speak



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5/2/2017 2:45 PM By Kinslager Team customer, speak, suit, wedding, 0 Comments Customers @ Kinslager,

Often when dealing with my customers during fitting sessions they see me undo the last button of their jacket.  Then, I get this puzzled look. No, it is not because they fear I would not stop at that one button (hello, we are in our store and at least one other staff is around, usually my tailor) It is because they do not understand the reason for doing so. And I must say, they cannot be blamed, as the obvious reason is that there is no obvious reason. Or as I put it above -  “Things happen, because things happen.”





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4/10/2017 6:18 PM By Kinslager Tailor Team Suit, Jacket, Tailor, Button, Bespoke, 0 Comments

Jason Godfrey and Kinslager Meet Up

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3/20/2017 3:03 PM By Kinslager Tailor Team JasonGodfrey, 0 Comments Special Guest at Kinslager,

Today we had a very special guest at our outlet at Atria Shopping Gallery. No other than great John Arne Riis. Winning the UEFA  Chanpionsleague with Liverpool F. He is a high profile pundit for Stadium Astro this week and we will make him look smart in one of our tailored suits for the weekend. Great having you with us!


John Arne Riis Overview at Kinslager

 Kinslager CEO Niels Strohkirch with Jone Arne Riis


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3/14/2017 4:13 PM By Kinslager Team JohnArneRiis, Suit, Tailor, 0 Comments Special Guest at Kinslager,



Akbar Sahari live on TV for Nadi Arena (AstroArena) in Kinslager tailored suit.


Akbar Sahari live on TV in Kinslager tailored suit  

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3/13/2017 6:28 PM By Kinslager Tailor Team Tailored, Suit, Akbar_Sahari, 0 Comments Special Guest at Kinslager,

Kavin Jay at our store at Atria Shopping Gallery trying on his new tuxedo dress shirt and wearing Kinslager Lion Cufflink


Kavin Jay in Kinslager Tuxdedo Shirt


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3/9/2017 12:52 PM By Kinslager Tailor Team Tuxedo, Cufflinks, KavinJay, Bepoke, Tailored, Shirt, 0 Comments Special Guest at Kinslager,

Kavin Jay at our store at Atria Shopping Gallery. Fitting of his tuxedo and tux shirt. Looking forward to your next show.


Kavin Jay fitting of Kinslager Bespoke tailored Tuxedo




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3/7/2017 12:53 PM By Kinslager Tailor Team Tuxedo, Bespoke, Fitting, Tailored, Kavin, Jay, Comedy, 0 Comments Special Guest at Kinslager,

Mohd Faiz Subri wins FIFA's Puskas Award 2016 and receives Award in Kinslager Tuxedo





Kinslager made sure that he travels in style to Zurich in a Kinslager tailored apparel. And yes, he won well deserved the award.





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1/9/2017 2:07 AM By Kinslager Team Mohd, Faiz, wins, FIFA's, Puskas, Award, 2016, Suit, Tuxedo, Tailored, 0 Comments


How Good Dressing makes you more successful 

I am sure you have experienced  this sneaky feeling that the other guy was promoted only because  he was tall, slim and good looking despite being clueless about doing business.  You yourself may  be described as short, a bit chubby or simply as not  good looking but a clear master in your field, even a professional who knows his stuff. Welcome to the unfair bias in the workplace.  If you are less physically attractive than your competition, you run the risk of losing  out to the “Beauty Premium” bonus, which a more attractive person may receive.  The way  it works varies from culture to culture and among countries.  It is also different between men and women and  whether you have a front desk, people skills job or behind the scenes.



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12/26/2016 9:29 PM By Kinslager Team Beauty, Premium, Business, Success, Dressing, 0 Comments