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Kinslager is a proud partner at the German Unity Day 2017. Thanks a lot to team of the German Embassy for organising this great event and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur.



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10/5/2017 5:35 PM By Kinslager Team German, Unity, Day, Kuala, Lumpur, 0 Comments


So, are all suit fitting advice on the internet really nonsense? Shouldn't there be some clear guidelines we can just follow and voila, we're wearing our perfect fitting suit? 






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10/4/2017 2:43 AM By Niels Strohkirch suit, fit, bespoke, 0 Comments

Watch Malaysian Comedian Papi Zak enjoying himself with a Kinslager bespoke tailored fancy tuxedo:



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9/21/2017 3:48 PM By Niels Strohkirch Bespoke, Tailored, Tuxedo, Comedian, Papi, Zak, 0 Comments Special Guest at Kinslager,

- Learn about Loro Piana Custom Tailored Suits, Fabrics available and a bit of history of the Loro Piana family -



Loro Piana Custom Tailoring


If you talk about luxury fabrics and bespoke or custom tailoring, Loro Piana is definitely one of the brands you have to look for. 


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9/21/2017 3:00 PM By Niels Strohkirch Loro, Piana, Custom, Tailoring, 0 Comments



Kinslager partners with Austen Brothers in Australia. You can get your Kinslager tailored suit now also in Sydney and Brisbane.


Kinslager @ Austen Brothers

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9/18/2017 8:45 AM By Niels Strohkirch AustenBrothers, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia, Suits, Tailoring, 0 Comments

Loro Piana Tailoring @ Kinslager 



RED LABEL Tailoring is Kinslager's answer to the present increasingly competitive retail environment.  Let me lay the scene out for you, so that you can better appreciate where we are headed.


One thing is obvious in today's retail environment: the old “bricks and mortar” business is under siege by the internet; we're referring here to online commerce of course. 



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9/13/2017 2:35 PM By Kinslager Tailor Team Red, Label, Tailoring, Loro, Piana, Huddersfield, Cloth, 0 Comments




Robots in bespoke tailoring?  Are you kidding!?  Isn't bespoke tailoring all about handcrafted work?  Doesn't the ideal scenario involve discussions on high end wool fabrics, designs and details of your suit with a very experienced master tailor, ideally located in Saville Row, London?  Where you have to have three, four or even five rounds of fitting, which will take anything between 6 to 12 weeks of production time?  And finally, when you take delivery of your finished suit he charges you an outrageous price for the luxury of it having been made by hand and the inconvenience of multiple trips to his store?



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8/29/2017 4:25 PM By Kinslager Team Suit, Bespoke, Tailoring, BodyScanner, Robots, Digitalisation, 0 Comments

Holland & Sherry Bespoke Tailoring



When looking around for an off-the-rack suit or a tailored suit, you may often see the cheap suits come with a textile label listing some kind of micro fabric or in the best case scenario mixed wool. This means that only a certain percentage of the fabric is made from wool while the rest of the fabric is from different types of polyester material. Then you have the branded and non-branded suits, throwing around Super Wool numbers such as Super Wool 150S or “Tropical Wool” etc. And to add further confusion, some fabric brand suppliers offer worsted wool. So, what are the differences among these materials and why do some cost more than others?



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6/19/2017 10:17 PM By Kinslager Team worsted, wool, 0 Comments

#Letthecustomerspeak is the latest initiative by Kinslager to showcase our customers in Kinslager tailored attire.


Let the Customer Speak



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5/2/2017 2:45 PM By Kinslager Team customer, speak, suit, wedding, 0 Comments Customers @ Kinslager,

Often when dealing with my customers during fitting sessions they see me undo the last button of their jacket.  Then, I get this puzzled look. No, it is not because they fear I would not stop at that one button (hello, we are in our store and at least one other staff is around, usually my tailor) It is because they do not understand the reason for doing so. And I must say, they cannot be blamed, as the obvious reason is that there is no obvious reason. Or as I put it above -  “Things happen, because things happen.”





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4/10/2017 6:18 PM By Kinslager Tailor Team Suit, Jacket, Tailor, Button, Bespoke, 0 Comments