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Read about Kinslager Tailor & Boutique


Read about Kinslager Tailor & Boutique


Kinslager is a German Tailoring specialist based in Malaysia - whom offers bespoke Tailoring &  Designs. Unique items are created in its own workshop here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our German heritage is reflected in a our authentic of Western chic and some fusion with Asian traditional creations. We aim always to and we cater for the affordable section as well as for high-end bespoke tailoring with brands as Loro Piana, Zegna, Cerruti and many more.


We design and tailor-made for easy elegance, comfortable wear ranging from suits, shirts, trousers, jackets, vests, neckties, and bowties to casual wear and golf wear. You will also find our designs for Tuxedos, Cutaway coats / Morning Coats  /White Tie or the German “Frack”.


Kinslager also caters for the Ladies with suits, blouses, pants, skirts, dresses, gowns and casual wear. Our designs bear the hallmark of individuality as with handmade button holes, hand stitching and/or individual handmade silk-lining. We also tailor-made canvass jackets the traditional way.


Kinslager also tailor-made Traditional Malaysian/Asian wear such as Baju Kurung, Batik-Shirts, Cheongsam but also to European Traditions as e.g. Dirndl, Leder Hose & Scottish Kilts.


For our Corporate clients we offer special uniform designs for the need of their staff. This can be for day-to-day work needs or special events where you intend to give a special impression to your clients with an exceptional well designed and manufactured uniform.


Another speciality we provide is the tailoring of stage costumes or fantasy characters. This is something we just developed lately but we like the challenge every piece is giving us in tailoring to the set imagination of our customers.


In summary, if you need anything mentioned above or do you look for someone who is tailoring something unique? Contact us and we will have a look over it. Even when it is very rare, we will give it a try.


Find out tailor store in Kuala Lumpur here.



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Company Overview

Kinslager is a privately held German company founded in 2007 in Malaysia. Since then we have evolved from a tailoring bespoke specialist catering mainly for men to a tailoring specialist who is now also delivering designs for the chic business woman as well as casual wear and golf wear. We are committed to build our brand to the highest standard and put the look and feel of our customers first.

In the meanwhile Kinslager is designing and bespoke tailoring for a variety of customers from successful Business Owners, Corporate Directors, CEOs, CFOs and COO’s as well as actors, writers, politicians and ambassadors. We also work with international corporations from the Hospitality Industry, Car Industry, Consulting Industry etc.

Additional to bespoke tailoring and designing we also offer talks about “The Do’s and Don’t(s) of Business Dressing” or any other topic related to business dressing, dressing for festive events or simply casual dressing in a professional environment.


The Kinslager Vision

To be the leading and most innovative branded value Made-to-Measure Specialist in the region.


The Kinslager Mission

  • To be young and exciting!

–        We embrace technology

–        We communicate on the right level and right channel

  • To inspire our customers always for more details!

–        We know the latest trends and products

–        We create trends

  • To lead the way in providing value to our customers

–        We provide affordable bespoke tailoring

  • To provide top notch customer service

–        We share fashion and image consultation

  • To be fast and good!

–        We deliver before the time promised in perfect quality



Why the name KINSLAGER?

So why the name Kinslager? Kinslager was derived from the words ‘kins’ as in closely related and ‘lager’ as in conjunction to the German word “Lager”, which means organized camp or group which also means beer in English, but obviously not in this case. Therefore Kinslager represents a group that is closely related in a sense and in this case would be a sense of fashion and quality. Kinslager the name by itself is unique and therefore creating an identity for itself with a lot of character in it.



Why the Lion-Head Logo?

The lion head logo represents the strength and confidence in being unique in the fashion world .Hence a confident yet elegant image in its products. Kinslager also believes that with its image it would also help customers to project their inner self with confidence and creativity.